Motoring offences
Motoring law, driving law or road traffic law are all used to describe the laws that apply when driving on a road. These laws affect all of us every day and the responsibility for driving a vehicle safely and legally is yours. If you do not adhere to these rules then the authorities will look to punish you.
The rules are set regardless of whether you feel they are fair. Things include:
• Careless driving
• Dangerous driving
• Drink driving
• Speeding
Everyone who drives should be aware of the potential penalties they face if they are caught breaking these rules. They should also consider the best ways of defending themselves too.

For speeding offences, points are generally added to your license and if you get too many points on your license you risk losing your license. There is also the risk of fines.

Other offenses may result in more serious penalities such as instant loss of licesnce, seizure of car, fines and prison. The penalties are linked to the severity of the crime.

Driving offenses can dramatically increase the cost of getting insurance.


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